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Balm Highlight in the color "Disco" - 30ml


Our Balm Highlight in the color “Disco” will make your skin look like its glowing from gold from the inside out. It has a balm texture and can be used with or without makeup. This product gives a subtle highlight effect. For a more intense highlight check out our jelly highlight in the color “Saturday Night”. This product also looks beautiful anywhere on your body you want a golden glow. This product is also great as a base for a powder highlight. Place this down on your skin and let it sit for 25 seconds. Then apply a powder highlight over the top for a super intense glow.


This can be ordered in a "light gold" or "deep gold" as well. You can view the difference in color in the pictures. They are similar but the lighter one is best for light to medium skin types and the deeper one is best for medium to dark skin types.


You will receive 30ml of product in two 15ml containers (pictured) Some of the containers will say “Alastin” which is the skincare company I sell. 


NO CHEMICALS - Just nature <3