100% Natural Dry Shampoo 8oz - Cocoa


100% Natural. Made to Order. Dry Shampoo. Smells like delicious cocoa. Does not leave a white tint in your hair. Perfect for brunettes. Shipped from good ol' New Jersey. 



This product is best used when applied to hair and scalp with a makeup brush. Can be ordered with no fragrance, in rose, lavender, or tea tree. Absorbs oils from your hair while leaving a fresh scent behind. Clean your hair - with NO chemicals. 


Comes in large 8oz mason jar. This jar will last you for a very long time. 


**Please note jar designs may vary depending on what jars are available at that time. Non-toxic plastic and/or glass jars may be used (plastic jar is pictured). 8oz of product will be shipped no matter which jar it is in. Makeup brush not included.


NO CHEMICALS - Just nature <3

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